Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Limited Access

Limited Access
(94 pages. Black and white photographs of construction and demolition sites.)  or $15

            I have an accomplice: the sun. I use it as a pencil to trace the line between visible and not visible, stark black and white. These construction landscapes are simplified, but nothing has been subtracted. Rather, all tonalities have been pushed into a white or black zone. The resulting space is simultaneously implied and obscured; one has to search to see it. Searching is active participation.
            I am especially drawn to the sculptural aspects of buildings on their way up or down, that stage when light still passes through without being caught. Anthropomorphic configurations  of machinery and stacks of materials turn construction sites into a vast playpens.
            The focus of my photography is temporarily visible incidents - from momentary instances of light, to construction sites, pavement anomalies, configurations of shadows and of course graffiti. Everything we perceive is constantly changing, continually in flux, every atom of it, every glimpse is a momentary reading of presences. I use photography as a way of watching and participating in, and documenting, aspects of change.

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  1. I love the way you write about your work; "light passes through without being caught" is so perfect a description of unenclosed buildings. The stark geometries are compelling. I too see photographs as moments, so different from the long gestation of painting and drawing.